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19th-Feb-2006 01:49 pm(no subject)
Mark Ruffalo
Hi, I guess I'm new to this community, but I'm not new to Degrassi. My parents used to show me the old Degrassi series when I was a baby. I just wanted to tell you guys some things. Degrassi is making a movie.
If you go to Blurty.com (which is a lot like LJ) and look up Adamo_Ruggiero, you get some of his info. I hope this doesn't get destroyed, but his AIM name is BRKWLL04. I hope you guys don't missuse this information. Ciao, Terra
25th-Jan-2006 03:50 am(no subject)
dw - beards are cool
Thanks to Jess, we now have pics from "Our Lips Are Sealed" and the season finale "High Fidelity" floating around on the net. Two of them include Marco [SPOILERS!]...to see those, click HERE. =] Hott much? <3
24th-Jan-2006 01:22 am(no subject)
dw - beards are cool
New layout and totally redone userinfo! I know the community has been slow lately but I'm hoping things pick up soon, once I start pimping it around again. Check out the new layout HERE and the new userinfo [with some new rules!] HERE, and don't forget to keep posting! Post graphics, pics, start up a convo on Adamo or his character on Degrassi...whatever. Just remember to keep the rules in mind =]

<3 y'all,

Jade D.
22nd-Jan-2006 08:04 pm(no subject)
dw - beards are cool
Multifandom bunch of icons behind the cut, including 5 of Adamo. =]

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19th-Nov-2005 08:41 pm - Hey!
Hey! I'm new! My name is Autum, I am 16 and I live in NC. Obviously, I love Adamo and Degrassi! I don't know what else to put on here so I guess if you wanna know anything, just ask.
10th-Nov-2005 02:45 am(no subject)
dw - beards are cool
32 icons and 1 banner...
1 Alex // 2 Paige // 11 Palex // 7 Darco // 9 John Bregar // 2 Marco
+1 Palex banner

o1. o2.

( Lots of SPOILERY, slashy goodness behind the fake cut )
1st-Nov-2005 01:28 pm(no subject)
dw - beards are cool
Nine more icons...surprised? =X

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29th-Oct-2005 03:37 am(no subject)
dw - beards are cool
Yay. 27 new Adamo icons...random pics, 'cause I was bored. Whoop-dee-doo =]

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19th-Oct-2005 03:50 pm(no subject)
dw - beards are cool
15 SPOILERY Marco icons from Monday's episode "Weddings, Parties, Anything".

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