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Adamo Ruggiero Fans

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[♥]   Info

Welcome to Adamo Ruggiero Fans, a community run by Adamo-Ruggiero.Net for fans of [who else?] Adamo Ruggiero, who plays "Marco Del Rossi" on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Read the rules, then feel free to join and start up conversations with other Adamo fans. =] You're welcome to post graphics, fan fiction, or just talk about Adamo/Degrassi in general.

[♥]   Rules

01- No haters. This is for FANS of Adamo. So no posts or comments saying "Adamo sucks!" They'll just be deleted.
02- Please, no promoting your communities here. I may pimp something to you guys every once in a while, but I don't want this comm flooded with promos.
03- Keep the topic on Adamo or his character on Degrassi [except for when you're introducing yourself, of course]. No posts about how crappy your day was, etc. unless it's inside a post about Adamo/Degrassi. Let's stay on topic, 'kay? =]
04- If you're posting spoilery Degrassi stuff, put it behind a cut.
05- If you're posting more than 6 icons, or if you're posting banners, put them behind a cut. =]
06- Just be nice, and have fun!

[♥]   Introduce Yourself!

Name: Jade Danielle
Age: 18
Do you watch Degrassi? Oooof course.
Favorite episode: It's Raining Men or Tell It To My Heart
Link to a few of your favorite pics? Pic 01, Pic 02, Pic 03

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