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Adamo Ruggiero Fans
for all Degrassi fans! 
31st-Mar-2007 02:11 pm
Hey guys,

I am currently researching Degrassi's online fan community for my undergraduate honors thesis. I'd really appreciate it if you Degrassi fans could fill out this survey and either leave your responses in a comment here, at my LJ, or email them to rachael.maddux at gmail.com!

Check out my journal for more info: http://going-there.livejournal.com/


About You

1. Name (real name, assumed name, screen name, etc. – your preference):
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Level of education:
5. Occupation:

About You… and Degrassi!

1. How long have you watched Degrassi?
2. How did you first become familiar with Degrassi?
3. Have you watched any of the older Degrassi series (Degrassi Junior High, etc.)?
4. How frequently do you watch Degrassi?
5. How do you watch Degrassi -- television (specify channel), downloaded episodes, DVD, etc?
6. Do you watch Degrassi alone or with others? If with others, who do you usually watch it with?
7. Would you call yourself a “fan” of Degrassi? If so, how long have you considered yourself a “fan”?
8. Assuming you would call yourself a “fan,” do you consider yourself to be part of any larger “fan” group or community? Why or why not?

About You, Degrassi, and “the real world”

1. Do you personally (in your offline, “real” life) know anyone that watches Degrassi or is a Degrassi fan?
2. If so, how often do you talk about Degrassi with them?
3. If you do not personally know anyone that watches Degrassi, how does that make you feel?
4. How often do you talk about Degrassi in your offline life?
5. Have you ever bought any Degrassi-related merchandise (seasons on DVD, graphic novels, etc)?
6. Have you ever met a Degrassi cast member in real life? If so, explain.
7. Do you have a favorite Degrassi cast member?
8. Do you have a favorite Degrassi character?
9. Do you have a favorite Degrassi relationship? If so, do you consider yourself a “shipper”?
10. Are you interested in the lives of the cast members outside of the show?
11. Are you interested in the “behind the scenes” aspect of the show, such as the thoughts of the producers and the writers that go into making plot decisions, etc?

About You, Degrassi, and the Internet

1. How long have you known how to use the internet?
2. How long have you been an active user of the internet?
3. Approximately how much time do you spend on the internet each week?
4. Do you access the internet from your own, personal computer (not a shared family or school computer)?
5. How do you usually spend your time on the internet?
6. What websites (excluding those having to do with Degrassi) do you visit most frequently?
7. What are your favorite websites?
8. Have you made friends or met people through the internet that you would not have met otherwise?
9. Have you ever met someone in person that you first met on the internet? If so, was this person also a Degrassi fan?
10. If you have never met someone in person that you first met on the internet, what are your thoughts on doing so?

About Degrassi and the Internet

1. What Degrassi-related websites (message boards, Livejournal communities, or any other kind of site) do you visit most frequently?
2. Do you have any other favorite Degrassi websites? If so, please list.
3. How many Degrassi-related discussion-based websites (message boards, Livejournal communities, etc.) do you belong to or follow? Please name specific sites.
4. How often do you discuss Degrassi in your “online” life?
5. Online, do you discuss Degrassi mostly with other fans, non-fans, or a combination of both?
6. Are you a member of any other non-Degrassi discussion-based websites (messageboards, Livejournal communities, etc)?
7. Do you visit the official Degrassi websites hosted by CTV and The N? If so, how often?
8. Do you access the extra features offered by those websites (like The N’s The Click feature and CTV’s podcasts and mangasodes)? If so, how often? Which features do you prefer?
9. How do those websites and their features compared to what is available on unofficial Degrassi websites?
10. Are you a member of Facebook, Myspace, or any other social networking website? If so, please list which sites.
11. If on Myspace, are you a friend of the Degrassi Myspace?
12. If on Myspace, are you friends with any of the cast members on Myspace?
13. If on Myspace, are you friends with anyone who claims to be a cast member or a character from the show on Myspace?
14. Have you used any social networking site to make connections with other Degrassi fans?
15. Have you ever watched Degrassi fan-created videos, such as [provide example]?
16. If so, how did you first locate the videos?
17. What did you think about them?
18. How often did you/have you/do you watch such videos?
19. If you haven’t watched them, are you familiar with such videos?
20. What is the reason that you have never watched them?
21. Have you ever made a Degrassi video yourself?
22. Did you share it online? What was the reaction?
23. Have you ever read Degrassi fanfiction?
24. If so, how did you find the fanfiction?
25. What did you think about it?
26. How often did you/have you/do you read Degrassi fanfiction?
27. Have you ever written Degrassi fanfiction yourself?
28. Did you share it online? What was the reaction?
29. Have you ever made a Degrassi-related website or design Degrassi-related graphics?
30. Have you ever asked another person to make you a Degrassi-related website or graphics?
31. Have you ever made anything Degrassi-related (other than a video, fanfiction, a website or graphics) that you have shared online? What was the reaction?
32. Do people in your offiline, “real” life know that you are a member of Degrassi message boards, etc?
33. If you have made videos, written fanfic, designed Degrassi graphics or web content, etc., do people in your offline life know about it?
34. If they do not know about it, is it because you do not want them to know?
35. If you do not want them to know, what would your reaction be if they did find out?
13th-Jan-2008 01:25 am (UTC)
i've been watching degrassi since it started it has really hot guys theres a new episode monday yay
28th-Jul-2009 07:25 am (UTC) - #1 Degrassi fan
Carmen Miolan
HiGhScHoOl Graduate
Freshman in college Sept '09
Work as a cashier for now!

I have always been a degrassi fan,love,obsessed any way you want to call it. I always loved watching each and every episode of degrassi like 4x. I usually watch it alone or with friends. Some of them are considered degrassi fans.
If im not mistaken degrassi came out in 2000 something...since the very 1st episode I knew I would be a die hard fan that is until now. The new season sucks big time. I am no longer a degrassi fan. =(
28th-Jul-2009 08:04 pm (UTC) - Cassie Steele
Cassie Steele is my all time favorite actress. I love watching her on Degrassi. However, I would give anything to see her huge, succulent breasts. SHe is so hot and I would do anything to taste her love juice and grab her perfect rear-end. Marco is queer. Emma is a tight, prude wannabe slut who might get a bracelet from me if I didn't have some other crack-whore in the van. Sean needed to lose that fag-cut on top of his head. Liberty is a beast who's only asset is that she looks like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose with those offensive lips. Spinner is fucking CLOWN shoes. Jimmy is alright. Jay is cool. Ashley is another beast who needs to stay off of the show. Darcy is a Cock-tease whore and I can't stand her on 90210. Simpson looks like a Pedderass. Spike needs to get a real job. I wish rick would come back from the grave, Night of the Living Dead style, and take out some of the new characters. I always look forward to seeing MANNY. THe sexiest girl on the show. Wait.... I would definitely give Mia a throw. But I am partial to Manny. Cassie Steele is the shit and I would love to see her naked.... THat's All I got... PEACE OUT
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